Nothing Spectacular


“The blossoming of understanding, love and intelligence has nothing to do with any tradition, no matter how ancient or impressive. It happens completely on its own when a human being questions, wonders, listens and looks without getting stuck in fear, pleasure and pain. When self-concern is quiet, in abeyance, heaven and earth are open. The essence of all life is not separate from the silent openness of simple listening.” — Toni Packer

Toni Packer. I never met her, but after reading a great deal about her I wish I had. I wanted to write a tribute to her, but I felt it would feel disingenuous since I never had the chance to experience her charisma firsthand. I have included two links to articles written by people who had the opportunity of meeting this rare woman. I hope you read them carefully. Not only will they help illuminate who Toni was, they will also shed light on my own views and the general direction and structure of Zen Broom. I hope you enjoy.

Wait … before you click, I want to leave you with something else she said:

“Practices like rituals, bowing, and incense burning don’t lead to truth. They comfort us, but they have nothing to do with understanding.”


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